Matias Beckerle

The solution is out there

13 Sep 2015

You may be guessing that I'm re-watching too many episodes from The X Files. That's correct but I'm not going to talk about the series. Today is about something that I learned several years ago and still happens to me.

Last week was a mind exhaustive one. I couldn't put any time in my current personal project. Yesterday was Saturday so I decided to spend some time coding on it. It was really great because in 3 or 4 hours I have achieved a good progress and a funny bug too:

One does not simply 'shake it off' the camera

One does not simply "shake it off" the camera. That one was fixed already, don't worry.

Today I spent some time developing too but without any achievement. It was hard to recognize but I spent similar amount of time just to achieve not even a single commit. When the problem was taking too much I chose to abandon for some time. The problem won the battle but not the war. The idea was to take some air, relax and come back when my mind is clear.

Luckily 10 minutes after leaving the PC and while taking a shower the solution came to my mind. I was seeing the problem from the wrong angle. Simple as that. If you are struggling with something maybe is time to take a break and come back after. I've found that viewing the problem with a clean mind helps to find solutions. I'm not the only one saying it: several people from different communities says the same thing.

Some things requires time. It's pretty similar to an architect: building the foundations for a house requires a natural time for the materials to settle. That's why I do not support working extra/exhaustive amount of time. In the short time everyone loses, not only you for pushing yourself harder and harder. While crunching you are contributing to build an unmaintainable and unusable software thing. At the end everyone asks: why? Inside and outside the team people blame other people. Why don't you look at yourself and think for a while? Please have the courage. You will find the answer.