Matias Beckerle

The Talos Principle

01 Jan 2016

The answer that came to me again and again was play. Every human society in recorded history has games. We don't just solve problems out of necessity. We do it for fun. Even as adults. Leave a human being alone with a knotted rope and they will unravel it. Leave a human being alone with blocks and they will build something. Games are part of what makes us human. We see the world as a mystery, a puzzle, because we've always been a species of problem-solvers.

- From The Talos Principle.

I've recorded the audio but I'm not the owner (please look at Croteam and Devolver Digital).

I didn't finish the game yet but I already love it. I started this new year playing that part and it feels like I've found a missing piece. Thanks to everyone involved in developing this masterpiece.

If you got the chance please play this video game. You will never regret it.