Matias Beckerle

A random thought on tech leaders

21 Mar 2017

Technical leaders don't have any reason for not sharing their code with their fellows.

  1. They also make mistakes.
  2. Due to their technical expertise, they are also educating with the example.
  3. Sharing code changes will make other fellows aware of what recently happened and why.

I'm not a TL. This is my point of view as a developer.

I asked a colleague of mine (a TL, someone which I really admire) and not only confirmed what I was thinking but also told me that even if you're in a hurry, you should create a pull request for your teammates. You need to merge it immediately, but your fellows can take a look and be aware of.

We should not even speak about commiting directly into develop/master and don't let anyone know about it, like if Git doesn't have a history to look for... come on, we can do it better!